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VA Hospital "Bags of Comfort" Items

Our Veterans need new (not used) Comfort Items, especially travel size:

For short stays, Veterans need travel size items. These are VETS in Cardiac Unit, Hospital Unit & Mental Health Unit.

For longer duration stays, Veterans need full size items. These are VETS on Active Duty, CLC (Nursing Home), Mental Health Unit, Spinal Cord Unit.

Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste/Toothbrush, Mouth Wash, Brushes/Combs, Razors, Body Wash (NO bar soap), Body or Hand Lotion or Noxzema.

Extra Niceties: Sewing Kits, Fingernail Clippers, Knit Caps/Baseball Caps, Tissue, Body Powder/Foot Powder, Denture Adhesive (Polydent or Fixadent), Nail/Manicure kits, The following must be in original packaging: Mens white T-Shirts, Mens Underwear, Mens Socks, Ladies bras, Ladies underwear (full briefs) & ladies socks.

Also, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs (NO VHS tapes), and calendars (wall & pocket size),

For Legion & Auxiliary members, please bring items to our regularly scheduled meetings.

For Community Donors, please contact Liz or Arnie Geiger, (770) 487-2128 or Sue Munson (770) 631-4699, for pickup.

"Kind Deeds Change Lives"




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